Minimize Your Administrative Burdens!

When on-boarding new talent the last thing you want to worry about is paperwork. For this reason, Netsource makes payroll easy by giving businesses a flexible service. These services help clients outsource HR solutions so that they can minimize costs, administrative burdens, and liabilities that come with part time, independent contractors or seasonal employees on the payroll.

By letting Netsource act as the employer of record for full time, part time or temporary employees HR costs are eliminated or reduced. Admin time can now be realigned as the complexities of handling payroll and employment concerns is eliminated. This gives clients more time to focus on their business.

Payroll Staffing Helps If You Need:

  • Temporary Employees
  • Seasonal Employees
  • Contracted Employment
  • Part Time Employee
  • Probationary Employees

With Payroll Staffing, your business recruits the employee but lets us deal with payroll so you can evaluate them before committing them to your payroll.

Payroll Service Benefits:

  • Reduction in weekly payroll processing time.
  • No need to stay up to date with federal or state requirements for payroll employees.
  • Reimbursements are Simplified
  • Reduce Hiring and Firing Costs
  • Reduce or Eliminate Record Keeping
  • Evaluate Employees before Committing to them
  • Save Time and Costs on On-boarding
  • Extend your Human Resources Department