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Is Technology Replacing Recruiters?

I hear a lot of talk about how technology these days is likely to soon replace recruiters altogether. Not great news for those of us in that line of work! However, after I had a sit down and a think about the “threat” technology poses to the recruitment industry, here are 2 reasons why I won’t jump ship and change my career path just yet…

  • Technology is actually the recruiters’ friend. Job boards, social media and databases all enhance the work we do and give us a starting point for sourcing candidates.
  • Technology can never imitate the human element of recruitment which is the only reason anyone gives us the time of day!

Ok, for companies who operate on a “spray and pray” basis with CV’s, sending candidates in without properly qualifying them, or who only semi-match the job requirements, there’s a real danger that they will be ousted by technology. This is because a computer algorithm can deliver the same low-quality service, picking out the odd key word from a CV and assuming both the candidate and the role would be a match.

An impersonal approach is partly what gives the recruitment industry a bad name – replacing actual people with robots and emails and automated voice messages isn’t going to make potential candidates warm to you and want to work with you to find a new role. And if potential job-seekers think it’s annoying having a stream of calls and e-mails from agencies wanting to talk about roles they probably are suitable for and may be interested in, just imagine how frustrating it would be to be spammed endlessly about jobs that bear little or no relevance to your skills whatsoever!

Then there are the social and professional networks which are often a rich source of communication and opportunities for job seekers and recruiters alike. Relationships cultivated via LinkedIn, for example, are very rarely a cut-and-dry scenario. Many people are not actively looking, but open to discussing opportunities depending on their circumstances.

Hiring managers use the services of recruitment companies specifically because they don’t have the time to do all the sourcing of good candidates themselves. Even if they have some fairly hi-tech system in place which picks out relevant candidates that don’t require too much whittling down, the hiring manager then has the process of pre-screening all these candidates themselves. Clients rely on more than our ability to trawl through Jobsite – they value our insight into the market, they value the fact that we carefully identify candidates who are not only qualified and able to do the role, but who are going to be good fit for the organisation in terms of culture, vision and values.

If you’re a recruiter who is genuinely concerned that increasingly sophisticated technology is going to make your job obsolete, maybe you need to reassess how you recruit. Being a recruiter is so much more than simply finding CV’s – and it is those elements of the job which cannot (yet!) be replaced by technology.

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